We Will Rock your ROI!

We are a boutique growth marketing agency, developing and executing sustainable growth strategies for tech companies.

Who we are
Rock and roll is our driving force
But we don't do creative work for the sake of creativity. All decisions are made based on revenue and valuation. We artfully blend capabilities in both left and right brain disciplines.
Boundary Breakers
Our team is multicultural, with proven experience in accelerating growth around the globe.
Hardcore Innovators
We are addicted to cutting-edge and proprietary technologies to ensure we stay ahead of the curve.
We adhere to a performance-based approach, singularly focusing on maximizing returns from expenses.
We are passionate about data-driven growth. Our decisions and bespoke methodologies are inspired by insights mined from data.
Our goals are based on marketing, but driven by product instincts. We're convinced that the magic of explosive growth can be unlocked in pairing marketing with a product.
Growth Hackers
Our vision is shaped from knowledge gathered as a result of systematic experimentation and the iteration of dozens of hypotheses.
What we do
Rock'n'ROI is an extension of your team
Bringing strategy, expertise, and execution to the
areas where you need them most.
Strategy & Consulting
Our approach to consulting is sprint-based. We'll design a coherent and executable strategy in flexible sprints to reveal your biggest levers for growth
  • Go-to-market & Marketing strategy
  • Product strategy
  • Market, Industry research
  • Marketing audit & Competitors research
  • Financial planning & Projections
  • Fundraising & Pitch documents
Product Marketing & Growth Hacking
We use our proprietary experimentation framework to consistently run tests and experimenting with hundreds of counter-intuitive growth hacks
  • Growth Process & Experimentation
  • Growth Loops
  • Onboarding & Engagement
  • Activation & Retention
  • Trigger strategies & Marketing automation
  • Referral Growth & Network Effects
We'll unleash the intrinsic value of your product and boost revenue through the right features, funnel and pricing structure
  • Creating new revenue streams
  • Managing subscription model
  • Feature packaging
  • Pricing structure
  • Funnel optimization
  • Automated sales funnels
We'll unfold advantages of your data. We'll mine unique customer insights based on both rational and emotional drivers of user's actions
  • Multi-channel analytics (AI attribution modeling)
  • User & SaaS analytics (cohort analysis, LTV, retention)
  • AI & Predictive Modelling (lead scoring, churn prediction)
  • Full-funnel analytics
  • CRM + Sales analytics
  • Business intelligence
We'll orchestrate your organic and paid media to a synergistic channel suite, which would become a high-octane fuel for your growth engine
  • Omni-channel acquisition
  • Search engine marketing
  • Brandformance campaigns
  • RTB & Dynamic retargeting
  • CPA & Affiliate
  • SMM
Creative production
We'll craft epic marketing assets emphasizing your value proposition which will be stuck in target audience’s minds
  • Creative concepts
  • Wireframing & Prototyping
  • Web development
  • Promotional assets
  • Content marketing
  • Special projects
The typical model of a marketing agency is broken
Having worked on the client side, we became incredibly allergic to agency waste
and marketing bullshit. We rethought the approach for providing an external marketing service.
/ 04
This is our Manifesto
We are committed to ROI. Everything starts from here.
We take on only a selected number of companies
Treating them as our partners. It enables our dedicated team to get deeply immersed in every project. We function more like an extension of the team and prefer to work closely with founders and c-level management.
We don't believe in an un-agile approach
Without rapid experimentation, your company is just a bunch of assumptions. We created our proprietary lean experimentation framework to consistently run tests and gain learnings with counter-intuitive growth hacks.
The whole is much more than the sum of its parts
True potential could be unlocked only with putting together the correct amount of efforts. We synchronise correctly selected activities to gain synergistic and compoundable results.
Who we
work with
We work only with a narrow list of clients
We understand the difficulty of providing an A+ talent service at scale without compromising on quality.
Thus, we stay lean and focus on segments where our efforts will add the most value:
Tech startups &
Marketing in a startup is
precisely rock‘n’roll-ish.
If you’re a startup with a proven product/market fit we are the right partner to team up to leverage your growth and make your mother proud.
VC funds & VC-backed companies
We’re a top tier partner for VCs.
We can gain synergy from portfolios and accelerate growth with ROI-oriented tactics that are stable with large-scale budgets.
Tech Corporates
& Multinationals
Complicated processes and the involvement of too many colleagues can slow down your growth.
Rock'n'ROI as an agile extension can help you to move fast, against the odds.
Meet our
After achieving product/market fit, the significance of marketing in future valuation dramatically increases.
And such marketing is far from simply buying ads in paid media, as many people might think

Product marketing freak with a solid 10+ years experience and proven track record. Worked in companies that gained more than 20x in valuations. Has a strong understanding of SaaS businesses, subscription monetization, growth hacking, analytics in fintech and media verticals.

Work experience:

  • CMO TradingView
  • CMO Amediateka
  • CCO Russian Railways subsidiaries
What separates great marketers from average ones is the ability to see the fundamental problem.
Ask "why?" until you get the root cause and start from there.

Marketing enthusiast with a diverse background in FinTech, MarTech, and SaaS products. Andrey has broad expertise in product-led growth, out-of-the-box marketing solutions, and growth hacking. He is passionate about human-centered design that drives results.

Work experience:

  • Growth Operations Leader SEMrush
  • PMM TradingView
  • Philip Morris Brand Marketing
All businesses are unique
But they face similar growth challenges. You’re in good company here.
Access Industries
Elbrus Capital
Our Tech
We embrace a full-stack approach
Reimagine technology on each and every layer.
We have a broad variety of platform hands-on experiences. And we operate like investors here picking cutting edge technologies for our growth portfolio.
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Enough about us
Let's unlock the revenue you didn't realize existed. Ready to skyrocket your ROI?